Type 1 Diabetes

What is Type 1 Diabetes 

what is thype 1 diabetes - diabetes destroyerType 1 diabetes is a condition in which the body fails to produce insulin and in turn uses the glucose obtained from the foods we eat to produce the energy that is needed for the body functioning and processes. As a matter of fact, diabetes has been regarded as one of the fatal diseases and has claimed several lives. In this case, type one diabetes is only common in children than in adults.

Diabetes type 1 is caused when the beta cells of the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin and therefore, the glucose accumulates in the bloodstream rather than going to be utilized by the cells. When this happens, the symptoms of type 1 diabetes is then witnessed.

Signs and Symptoms 

· Excessive thirst

A person who is suffering from this disease feels thirsty every time than normal. In this case, the body does this to curb the excessive loss of water by the body or what is called dehydration. Remember, when there is a lot of glucose in the blood, there is a greater tendency for a person suffering from the same to urinate more frequently and thus loses a lot of water that needs to be replaced. As the body tries to restore the water balance in the body, a person feels the desire to take in more water.

Therefore, if you find your child losing a lot of water and his or her body becoming dehydrated more often than normal, you may need to consult a health professional or get to know their diabetes status so as to curb it at its earlier stages before it can turn fatal.

· Excessive hunger

Excessive hunger is also a red indicator when it comes to diabetes type 2. As mentioned earlier, when the body fails to produce insulin which is the very source of energy for the body functioning and other processes, the cells turn to the food that we eat and thus causes one to feel hungry more often just to gather for the energy that is needed in every process and activity of the body cells.

If you or your kid is undergoing this condition, it is an alarm for you as the parent to be concerned. That means, you should take him or her to check for the diabetes status and thus to take control of the situation if that is the case.

The other signs and symptoms of this condition just to mention include weight loss, excessive urination, dry skin, nausea, and tiredness among others. Therefore, it is important to take note of these signs so that you may be able to notice this condition at an early age.


Healthy lifestyle and eating is one of the ways of curbing or preventing the disease. Majority of people are not aware that the foods that we eat can serve to either worsen or help the situation. Therefore, if you or your kid is suffering from type 2 diabetes, you should adopt a healthy lifestyle in terms of the food choices for your kid. In this case, you should incorporate in your diet the foods that help in boosting insulin production and this has an effect or restoring a healthy body condition.

Insulin injection is also another way of taking care of this situation. If the body fails to produce enough insulin or even none at all, there are other options that are provided by the nutritionists to boosts the insulin level of the body and that is insulin injection. In this case, if the situation is becoming worse, you should try this as is has been proven by health professionals, as the most effective and the results are faster as compared to other treatment methods.

Another treatment method that works for this condition is by managing the blood sugar level by doing a regular checkup of the same. By doing this, you will be able to have control and to maintain a balance that is required for the normal body functioning.


In summary, if you or your kid is suffering from the same condition, you should try all means to take the situation in control especially during the initial stages. It is also important to get the necessary advice from the doctor or any other health professional specialized in that field so as to know how to live a healthy life and to restore a correct blood sugar level.

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